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Advantages and Disadvantages of Auto Transport

When a company proposes to send a merchandise, it searches for the type of transport that offers the most effective service, the most punctual and that guarantees the full arrival of the material in question.

Auto transport, advantages and disadvantages

In Spain, statistics say that auto transport services is preferred, ahead of that produced with rail, aircraft and seaways. Our country accounts for almost 11% of all auto transport in the European Union and is, in terms of millions of tones transported by kilometers, the second in the European ranking.

Advantages of auto transport

Speed. For urgent services up to 2,500 kilometers, automobile transport service is unmatched. It is the fastest and most effective, therefore, in the short and medium distance.

Door-to-door service. The possibility of loading a merchandise in the same door of the company that wants to make the shipment and arriving at the warehouse of the destination company is a differential value compared to that other types of transport cannot compete.

Flexibility. Do you have to make a delivery of a cargo whose order has arisen at the last moment? With just one person and a vehicle, that merchandise can reach its destination in just a few hours, without relying on pre-determined routes. Neither does it influence whether it is a holiday or special dates. If you have to deliver a commodity, for example in an industrial estate, and pick another one in another company of the polygon, it can be done without difficulty. Thus, both schedules and prices always offer a wide margin of negotiation.

The most economical. Compared with the rest of transport, its costs are many smaller. One of the compelling reasons is that the purchase of vehicles requires a significantly lower outlay. In addition, public infrastructures are used whose growth and maintenance is not directly contributory, as is the case with the railroad (although indirectly, through the payment of taxes).

Safety and adaptability. Unlike air transport, which restricts the movement of certain dangerous goods, wheeled vehicles are suitable for any type of cargo and offer all safety guarantees.

Personal supervision. The driver is responsible for the merchandise and personally takes care that it is not damaged by impact or friction with other pallets. It also ensures that no leaks or leaks occur and, if necessary, make additional packaging to reinforce the protection.

Location and tracking. The new GPS and other location systems allow you to always know where the merchandise is located. This causes that if there is an incidence of any type, such as a fault, another vehicle can go and resume the journey.

Disadvantages of auto transport

Casualty. Although year on year the number of accidents on Spanish roads with trucks involved low, compared to other transport methods has more accidents. The aerial is the transport with less accidents to the year, followed by the sea and the railroad.

It is not the one that can carry the most cargo. The volume of cargo is not comparable with that of maritime transport, which is the largest capacity, followed by rail and aircraft.

Pollutant. Emissions and noise pollution are two disadvantages that are attributed to this type of transport, which has nevertheless made a leap in efficiency and emission reduction with modern engines. Other new ones, such as natural gas, and advances in biofuels, as well as the use of recyclable materials and the expansion of greenways, are progress towards greater sustainability.

Restrictions. Dense traffic and withholdings can become your worst enemy, especially in access to cities and polygons. It is primarily responsible for the delayed arrival of the cargo. However, professionals increasingly rely on technology assistants to anticipate these incidents and opt for alternative ways to arrive on time.…

Collision Glossary Terms

When having your car repaired, you may encounter different terms that you are not familiar with when dealing with the repair shop personnel. To help you get rid of your confusion, here are some collision terms and what they mean.

Aftermarket Parts or A/M

Vehicle replacement components made by a third party manufacturer, not the original equipment.

Air Drying

Process of drying the paint applied to the vehicle by exposing it to air under normal room temperature.

Basecoat and Clearcoat System

A paint scheme that utilizes a highly pigmented base coat and a clear coat for the gloss effect and durability.


A heavy metal platform which is used to restore the automotive’s structure back to its original specifications.


A detailed summary of the work needed to be done to repair and restore a damaged vehicle.


Stands for Certified Automotive Parts Association. The aftermarket parts are certified by CAPA to insure the quality of these equipment and test it to be at par with the OEM.

Chip Guard

A chip-resistant coating applied to the vehicle’s panels to protect it from chipping or removal of paint caused by sharp objects, stones or other debris.

Claims Adjuster

A person assigned by the insurance company to settle claims by assessing the claims made and recommending a payment process in accordance with the coverage of the policy.


This is the amount paid by the insured after a collision incident which is still not covered by the insurance policy. The insurance company assumes the cost over the deductible amount up to the specified limit.


Refers to the final cleaning process done inside and outside the vehicle including the finishing touches, removal of overspray and polishing before the car’s delivery.

Direct Repair Shop

These are repair shops preferred by insurance companies that are included in the direct repair program of your provider.

Edge-to-edge Repair

A restoration process which refers to a complete panel repair and not just spot repairs.


A repair process which removes rust and old paint from the vehicle’s surface.


An acronym for Like Kind and Quality, used part recovered from a scrapped vehicle.


The process of covering areas of the vehicle which should not be painted.


Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, replacement parts distributed by the original manufacturer.


Also means overhaul which includes different processes such as disassembling, inspection, replacement and reinstallation of parts.

Paintless Dent Repair

Techniques used to remove minor dents from the body panel without damaging the paint.

R & I

Acronym for remove and install which refers to the parts that are being removed during repair process and installed back to the vehicles.

R & R

Acronym for remove and replace which refers to the parts removed from the vehicles and replaced with a new or reused car parts.


This refers to the used original parts repaired or restored by a licensed manufacturer or third party merchant.

Total Loss

The condition of a collision-damaged vehicle wherein the cost of the repair is greater than the market value of the vehicle

Water-borne Paint

The use of water to adjust the paint’s viscosity for automotive refinish painting.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited is the go to auto shop for collision repair in Columbia, MO.


Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting offers many benefits for the driver and passengers while providing protection for the car itself. It also provides a sharp appearance in which drivers have the advantage of seeing, but the thief did not have the advantage of seeing the inside.

Ultra Violet Rays
Auto Car Window Tinting reflects sunlight from the interior of the car and provides UV protection. Windows are not protected simply reject up to 28 percent of UV rays in the color of the car while providing up to 99 percent protection. Car interior color does not fade easily because of this UV protection. Drivers spend about 60-90 minutes in a car every day and is subject to ultra violet rays when the windows are not tinted. Tinted windows to protect the driver from the rays and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Keeping cool
Ultra violet rays produces heat, which causes high-temperature car was covered up. This heat can reach unbearable temperatures in warm climates and can cause the coating flake and peel, or dashboard to solve. Expensive leather interior may be dry and cracked. Extreme heat also causes the chemicals in the seat to be released into the compartment. Chemicals used in refractory material, such as Polybromiated diphenyl ether or chemicals used to make soft plastics, such as phthalates, contaminating the interior of the car when high summer. Automotive coloring reduce up to 80 percent of the heat that caused this pollution. Not only that, but improve the efficiency of automobile air-conditioning for the interior temperature is very cold.

Light from the sun directly or indirectly cause eyestrain. Many things that cause glare include sunlight, sunlight reflecting on the snow and the lights will come in darkness. Car color reduces glare and makes it easier and more convenient to view by reflecting sunlight or light from windows or by filtering before eyes. Less glare reducing the chance of not being able to see the danger on the road.

Accident insurance protection
Car window staining is a film that is applied to the windows using a strong adhesive. This adhesive holds the glass together and prevents crushing in the event there is a high impact accident. This protects the driver and passengers from shattered glass and makes cleaning easier.

Types of color
Car tints come in several different colors, including blue, gray, charcoal and brown. High-performance hybrid or color is best for most to resist heat rays of the sun and the most reasonable price and rejected the rip, bubbling and color. Check the local municipality for restrictions coloring car windows. Some locations that really limits tinted windows while others allow a certain percentage of visible light transmission, which is known as the VLT, from 25-70 percent. VLT apply for visibility in the vehicle from outside sources and low VLT less light is transmitted and darker colors. Many jurisdictions choose to be able to identify the driver and passenger in the vehicle. The most common car window coloring VLT is 35%.

Tips to Financial Freedom at Young Age

Each worker must have a focus and purpose in order to achieve financial freedom from a young age. According to finance gossip, there are some people who are free from financial problems when they are young. One of the financial planner who does not want to be named said that the financial freedom is a financial condition to the achievement of investment is quite a lot, relatively safe and the results are sufficient to live a lifestyle that we want. This means that the value of money that can be saved is still greater than the value of the expenditure that must be spent on necessities.

Every worker who has experienced this, tend to be free from concern over deficiencies in subsistence. Workers who already are in this step, is no longer prioritize monthly income jobs because they have sufficient savings or investments. Young, single workers and very easy to reach this stage when accompanied by financial arrangements that are more intelligent and disciplined.

Here are tips that you need to employ to achieve financial freedom at a very early:

1. Saving money on an ongoing basis

According to that financial planner, encourage a disciplined saving and scrimping and saving some time later it can be rotated into the investment side will be passive income. “Saving money is delayed gratification in the present, but the result is very effective to achieve greater goals in the future,” he said. Discipline aside money saving as much as 30 percent of your monthly income. As for the other 70 percent can be used for subsistence.

2. Life-saving and green

Single young workers are particularly vulnerable consumptive life. It is estimated that about 40-50 percent of the revenue can be discharged to the habit of spending money outside because not accustom themselves to live more simply. However, when you try to live a greener, for example, own cooking and eating are limited to essential needs, then 70 percent of the cost of your needs will likely not run out. Then focus on ourselves to achieve the goal of living a more settled.

3. Get rid of the winding monthly credit bills

Remember you can not tamper with the costs they had previously planned. For expenditure, share of 70 percent has been included into the cost of your bill each month eg motor credit or goods. So set your finances back on budget spending.

You young future way of life will determine your life in the future. The process of work done in this period will indeed be very painful, because it requires itself to downsize and tend to be less free, but the results of this discipline you will get in the future. Life is a choice, so what is your choice? It is all up to you. Just like what Whinston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be afraid of not learning from them.

The Path To Finding Better Dentists

Easy and Simple Guide When Looking For A Good Dentist

It is not an easy thing to do looking for a dentist that is capable of providing the best service. Regardless of where you are living or residing, this can still become such a tedious and daunting task, especially if you have no idea where to start looking as you haven’t been to one for a while. That might be case yet, with the tip that we will be providing you with the use of this article, you will find that looking for a great dentist is no difficult as you first perceive it to be.

When looking for a great dentist, you can actually ask the people in your locality, whom you know and trust, for referrals and recommendations. You can also you friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members and colleagues for referrals and recommendations about the dentist that they went to for their dental needs. Once they have recommended you with the dentists that they are confident in, you also need to ask them about the qualitative factors or the selling point of the dentist they referred to you. You also need to find out if the dentist they have recommended is friendly, approachable, has a nice waiting lounge and employs great staffs.

Being new to the area means we also do not know even a single person living there thus our dilemma would be who to ask for recommendation about a good dentist. Asking for recommendations from people who are in the position to know about some of the top notch dentist in the area you have moved in is the best solution that you can have for your situation. Oftentimes, health facilities as well as hospitals are hiring the services of dentist therefore, they are the best place and the best people you can turn to when looking for the best dentist. There is only one thing that you need to do and that is to call them up and ask for referrals.
The Essential Laws of Professionals Explained

Asking a local dental school for referrals about the best dentist is also another choice that you can opt for. We all know for a fact that dental schools are in great position to tell you who the best dentist are in your locality. And also, there is also that fact that dental schools are known for offering lower rates in comparison to the rates charged by ordinary dentists for dental care. Surely, the ones who will be performing you dental care are students of such school however, there is no need for you to worry about your safety as they will be strictly supervised by an immensely experience dentist who knows what they are doing.Case Study: My Experience With Experts