Examples and Roles of Various Heavy Construction Pieces of Equipment

The construction market keeps on transforming and diversifying almost on a daily basis. With every sunrise, there is a new product being introduced. Heavy construction equipment not only oversees tasks like digging, drilling, excavating and carrying, possible, but they also safer, easy to use and reliable. On each construction site, be it a dam construction, a building construction, road construction or a bridge, there must be heavy equipment involved.

Types of Heavy Construction Equipment

There is a wide variety of heavy construction equipment specifically designed and assembled to carry out specific tasks. Some types of equipment carry out more than one task while others are manufactured to fit a specific single task. To understand the whole phenomenon about this heavy construction equipment, let us look at some of these machines.

Articulated Trucks

These trucks are the most ideal for navigation in construction sites. Normally, these trucks have two parts, the first part being the cab. This is a tractor unit designed to travel over rough terrain. The other part is the trailer. It’s designed to carry heavy and massive loads. The two parts are usually connected with a pivot thus making the truck easier to steer.


These are heavy construction types of equipment that made of a boom in the construction field. The machine features a dipper which is also known as the stick, a bucket and a cab planted on a rotating platform that is known as the house. This equipment can be used for various tasks in a construction site. It can be used for digging trenches, holes and also assist put up a foundation. It’s also used for demolition, drilling shafts for footings and rock blasting, brushing and cutting.


There are mainly two types of loaders. Those would be truck loaders and wheel loaders. This equipment is used for lifting, pushing and moving, but on a larger scale capacity.

Asphalt Pavers

his piece of equipment is used for laying asphalt on the roads, parking sites, bridges and many other surfaces. This equipment is commonly accompanied by a dump truck containing a roller and the asphalt. The asphalt is fed into the paver by the dump truck and is distributed on the surface. It is then followed by a roller to make sure the asphalt is in shape.


These are crawlers equipped with a substantial metal plate at the front that is used to push massive quantities of soil, rubble, sand, or any other material of similar kind in a construction site. These are just but a few examples of heavy construction equipment that are commonly used and found at construction sites.

Operation and Maintenance of Heavy Construction Equipment

Equipment effectiveness depends on how you handle the equipment. Operation and maintenance of these heavy construction equipment determines the productivity and also the quality of the output. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure only qualified and well-trained personnel handle this equipment. There are institutions offering training courses on operation and assessments of heavy vehicles. Auto heavy rigid vehicle training geelong is an ideal institution where one can learn and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to operate and maintain this heavy construction equipment.

There is a lot of wealth of information just at your fingertips as the world of heavy construction equipment continues to get sophisticated. It is important to review the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance manual. It acts as the primary guide for proper operation and maintenance of heavy construction equipment.