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Things That Led to the Failure of Your Life Coach Website

Creating a website as a life coach is the best way to reach out to a new audience and market your coaching services. It is also very crucial to design a life coach website that is unique and appealing to your target on the internet so that they will want to know more about the service you offer hence resulting in getting new clients. Here are some tips on how to rectify the things you might be doing wrong on your life coach website.

Your Life Coach Website Look

The Problem
When it comes to websites, those that are attractive and alluring will always get more users compare to the one that people deem as dull or unattractive. Having a lot of content and details on the surface of your life coach website without any arrangement will make your website look tacky and less appealing.

the Remedy
Arrange your website in a neat way that will enable your clients to find what they are looking for with ease. The above problem concerning overcrowding your website with graphics did not mean that you could not use images on your website, it only meant just using a small number of images that are relative to what you are writing about or what you want to share on your platform. Images need to more than just something you use to fill up your blank space. Consider settling for colors that integrate well, and those that you can easily incorporate into you’re your life coach website design to bring out an alluring look.

Website Copy

The Problem
People tend to post very long articles on their websites because they are not limited to do so. Since people have very short attention spans, they will tend to skip content that looks too much time to read. You will lose potential customers when they look at your articles and see that they have too much information that they do not have time to finish reading.

The Solution
Take into account the messages you will be sharing before you decide to rebuild your life coach websites. Copywriting can be difficult the first time but just like any other expertise, the more you practice, the more perfect you will become.

Your Expertise

the Issue
People will be interested in learning about the services you are offering when you create a website that is easy to access. However, if there is nothing exciting them on your life coach website they will leave your site forever.

the Answer
The services you offer should make you stand out from all the rest life coach websites, and this will attract more clients. If you have excellent customer services where you give every client attention, and you are always available when they need you will help promote your service s on the website.


Post brief and relevant content on your website to maintain your clients’ interest.

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