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Whatever you eat says a lot about you

What we eat makes up our body Every food or beverage consumed has an effect on our health Foods that contain fats are not healthy because of buildup of hydrogenated fats. Everyone is aware of this but chose to be ignorant. Healthy eating habits need changing of mindset regardless of sex, age or physical ability Eating healthy means people become less susceptible to diseases Eating the right types of food can greatly reduce cases of obesity.

There are several things once incorporated in our diet are healthy and much safe

To begin with,a bigger percentage of our body composition is water. Water helps regulating body temperatue,digestion,and transportation of nutrients Daily intake of eight or more glasses avoids dehydration. On the other hand,not all water is safe to drink Pollutants are found water from taps mostly which can be harmful to our health. A tool known as Everpure water filter cleans water making it safe for drinking Drinking treated water ensures you don’t have headaches and migraines which means your moods get to be stable Water increases the amount of urine that goes through the kidneys flushing out toxins and maintaining normal kidney functions You cannot substitute water with beverages. To ensure you consume the right amount of water,ensure you carry a bottle with you at all times Whenever you are stressed take a few glasses of water,it helps

There should be less intake of hydrogenated fats. Fats go through a process called hydrogenation to turn them from unsaturated fats to saturated ones It is more of a disadvantage to our body when we consume saturated fats. Break down of this fats impacts negatively on our bodies. It can raise the amount of cholesterol in your blood and increases risk of a heart attack Because this fats are gummy in nature,there can be build up in the arteries which makes it hard for the heart to pump blood. Avoid fast foods as they contain hydrogenated fats Look for foods that have a low percentage hydrogenated fats in them

More significantly, make fiber a part of your daily intake Vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fruits make up fibers. You are likely to eat less fiber and stay full for much longer an advantage to those losing weight To lower chances of heart complications and diabetes increase your fiber intake Maintain your bowel movements by taking fibers and you won’t have problems passing stool. You are sure to avoid constipation and diarrhea For a healthy lifestyle make sure you followed the above guidelines A healthy body means you increase your chances of living long The heart functions well through proper diet and regular exercise. There is proper functioning of the brain because of sufficient flow of blood Make wise decisions to benefit your health by eating right