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4 Categories of Hazmat Storage Buildings

As a matter of fact, there are 4 different categories when it comes to hazmat storage cabinets, paints and inks, flammables, corrosives and acids as well as pesticides. Each cabinet is designed specifically for storing each kind of material securely while meeting the OSHA guidelines.

Hazmat storage cabinets also have NFPA or flammable storage and OSHA codes that is applicable in the designs. Safety cabinets come in different size range too from 4 up to 90 gallon capacity and other sizes that is able to hold up a couple of 55 gallon drums. The sizes from 12 gallons and up normally come with adjustable shelf. Obviously, bigger cabinets have more shelves in its storage. These safety cabinets are actually made from an 18 gauge welded steel. They also have 1 1/2 inches of insulation, which is intentionally made in order to prevent the buildup of unstable temperature.

And to be able to prevent leaks to spill on the floor, the bottom part of cabinet has 2 inch lip as well. There are also two options available for these cabinets; one of it is the manual closing wherein the user should manually close the door in unfortunate event while the other style is self closing door. Now the latter has fusible link that is melts by the time the temperature reaches 165 degrees which allows the door to close automatically if there is an emergency. You can easily distinguish which storage the cabinets are as they are color coded; to give you an example, if the storage is in yellow, then it is for flammable storage, red are for paint and ink storage, blue is for corrosive as well as acid storage and green for pesticides.

Another kind of storage cabinet is intended for cylinders and there are 2 basic types of it and one is what many of us are familiar, which is used often in gas grill. As for the second style, the tank is thinner and taller. Also to accommodate the taller and thinner tanks, there are vertical cabinets that have a range of 5 to 20 cylinders. As for horizontal cabinets however, these are for smaller tanks that have a tank capacity range of 4 to 16. More often than not, yellow is the color used in painting these cabinets but horizontal cabinets however are in plain aluminum.

All the hazmat cabinets come from directly from the manufacturers and all have required markings for safety cabinets. Always take into account of the safety of your warehouse and employees as well before choosing one. With this being said, if you are dealing with hazardous materials that have to be secured properly, make sure that you are only using the correct storage cabinet for it. Factor this into your operations to guarantee that there’s safety environment for everyone.

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