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Ways That Women’s Heath Is Ignored

Health is very vital to each person. Whether young or old, to both men and women. It is the right of every individual to receive good health care.Nothing hurts than to queue for long to receive health treatments only for the doctor to say that they will be back after lunch time and they sometimes fail to turn up. A lot of doctors are just cruel to the diagnosed people, and you just feel discomfort whenever you are told to go and see them. Most patients expect their physicians to have a real sensible expression towards them.But this does not happen in most instances. The medical system is not genuine for that matter, and it leaves you questioning its genuineness.This has made physicians take the heath of women less seriously and sometimes in a horrifying way. The following are some examples that show how the health of women is overlooked.

The pain of the women is ignored

Although the physical wellbeing of most men is taken with much order, the same thing does not happen to women. Everybody wants their pain taken with a lot of earnest.Whether it is an accident or the injuries from exercises or sicknesses.Treatment of the human body assures its resilient health and benefit.Instead the health of women is taken as either pure exhaustion or emotions. When the doctor tells women that whatever they are experiencing is in their head shows how serious is the way the health system is failing women.

Lack of support during labor

Every person desires that the women have the best care during their childbirth.But this remains to be a dream to them because it does not happen. The agencies meant to support the women during labor are withdrawn from them for them to become helpless. The following is how the doctors humiliate the women during labor to make their work easier, they force them to take medicine and painkillers during labor. In most cases of giving labor , drugs are not needed than the agency. This for sure create the need for real health in the society.It also takes away agency and has a severe impact on the experience of women during childbirth.

Problems with psychological health diagnosis

When it comes to diagnosing mental health problems or learning disabilities, the system again fails women in a disastrous way. The issue is basically true when the children are diagnosed.Failure to give women care they need from a young age makes other genders to divide issues far more noticeable.

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