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Investments are a nice thing to all of us thus giving people a reason to venture in them. Being in the business of investing in stocks makes one use their money thereby giving the funds a chance to grow. There are plenty of options one can invest in such as investing in a properly diversified mix of discrete stocks, mutual stocks or even exchange-traded stocks. When people are young enough to understand the stock markets, they can be advised to start investing as they do have the potential to do so. People invest for different reasons, and if for instance, if the venture is a retirement plan, there is need to put your money in the stock. Investing in stocks has given people the potential for growth when it comes to growth in finances. A person can always leave the stock market in cases of drops that are realized as time goes on. It is however advisable that stock investments be held for a longer period of time. An important thing to put across is that a person shouldn’t put everything they have in investments. Stock investments are usually dependent on someone’s time horizon, risk tolerance including their financial situations.

The business of investments is usually full of risks. For such reasons, there is a need for investor protection. Thereby, governments have put up regulations and bodies that are governed by the law so that they can fulfil the role of investor protection. Companies and financial markets are overseen and also regulated by agencies that have been set up to offer that service of overseeing them. Each of these agencies have a precise range of responsibilities and duties thus being able to work independently as they aim to achieve similar objectives.

Financial institutions such as banks, investment companies, and brokers are governed by the rules and laws that are there and are known as financial regulations. The government and other international groups enforce the rules and laws so that they can protect investors, keep the markets in order so as to ensure that there’s financial stability.

Financial and securities guidelines are covered in the field of the U.S. law. The main thing covered in the law includes any dealings in financial transactions and securities. Securities and Financial regulations are mainly covered by regulatory agencies which are purely governmental at a Federal and State level. The main body that regulates securities is the Securities and Exchange Commission mainly known as the Securities Exchange Commission in the U.S.

In the field of investments, fraudulent activities have been witnessed. These activities may include Ponzi like Schemes that are carried out by people who want to benefit in the wrong way. Most people have been jailed and also sued for fraudulent activities. The most common case of a person who was accused of being a fraud is Chris Brummer. It is therefore advisable that people who are in the field of investments avoid any suspicious dealings as they may end up in jail since this field of investments happens to be sensitive.

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